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Secondary metabolite characterization of Mediterranean plant foods, its byproducts, and herbs by using LC-DAD hyphenated with mass spectrometry

Date: 01.02.17
Speaker: Prof. Ibrahim M. Abu-Reidah
Place and Time: Room 300 at 14:00 pm

Seminar Schedule February 2017

PHENOM-WORLD Desktop SEM Seminar for Material Science
Date: 28/09/16
Time: 10:30-14:14
Participation is free of charge but requires registration at the following link:
(please note that the number of available seats is limited)

“Rimonim” program for excellent undergraduate students

We are pleased to announce the launch of the “Rimonim” program for excellent undergraduate students. The program aims to foster and nurture the next generation of top scientists and engineers in the field of Biotechnology and Food engineering.  The program, headed by Asst. Prof. Uri Lesmes, will include about 15 students selected from the faculty’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students based on their demonstrated persistent and exceptional academic achievements. These students will receive personal guidance and mentoring by the faculty, financial support for attending a professional conference in Israel and  high priority in finding supervisors for projects and the iGEM team. In addition, students of the “Rimonim” program who will continue to pursue graduate studies in the faculty will receive a one year one point  increment in their graduate scholarship, 1000$ for professional travel as well as priority in registration to specific courses. Letters of notification of admittance to the inaugural class of the program  will be issued in the upcoming days.

For the second time in two years: the Technion team won a gold medal in the international iGEM competition.
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The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering offers a unique curriculum that grants a combined BSc degree – a biotechnology engineering degree and food engineering degree.

The biotechnology industry is a knowledge-intensive industry, characterized by innovativeness, sophistication and constantly seeking new challenges, and today is among the leaders in terms of its level and rate of development. The use of technology is made in this field in biological systems for humans in the areas of food, medicine, agriculture and energy. Milestones in modern biotechnology include the industrial production of penicillin, deciphering the DNA structure, decoding the genetic code, the first cloning of a mammal (Dolly the sheep) and recently the production of the first synthetic bacteria.

The food industry is moving in the biotech direction and undergoing a momentum of rapid development due to the increased involvement of international domestic industry giants. The food industry is combining advanced biotechnological and biochemical mechanisms with all phases of sophisticated technology, starting from raw materials to the final shelf product: the development of special food for infants suffering from Celiac disease, food containing health additives that lengthen shelf-life, packaging that reports on food quality through biosensors, and more.

The Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering trains its graduates to enter the knowledge-intensive biotechnology industry, which is constantly growing in Israel and abroad, and the food industry, which is becoming more biotechnologically oriented and undergoing a development momentum due to increased involvement by huge international companies in the local industry.

Biotechnology and food engineering at the Technion – your way of influencing tomorrow.
Come and get to know us, hear about our unique curricula, study and gain experience in advanced research.